Granny is a boss that appears in E2M7: The Granny's Valley. After the Aluminum Key is picked up her statue will awaken.


Granny is a stone statue based off the real life statue of The Grandmother, a well known novel in Czech literature. It wears traditonal folk clothing.

Tactical Analysis[]

She only has a single attack, but it is deadly. She fires two incredibly fast projectiles in a cone pattern, which deal massive damage. It is best not to let her catch you in open areas, use corners and ledges to your advantage.

Her slow movement, big hitbox and relatively low health make her very vunerable to high damage weapons, spamming the Hussite Hand Cannoncan can quickly dispatch of her; dropping the Rusty Key.


  • In the house opposite to Granny there is a Babička book lying on the floor. It reads "Our Grandmother is no more; for many a year she has slept beneath the cold sod."
  • Granny is seen stalking the player from outside the house before the fight begins.

Appears In[]

E2M7: The Granny's Valley


The Grandmother's statue, located in East Bohemia